• Silk Invitation Box Embellishments

    Wedding Invitation Box

    Wedding Invitation boxes. The handmade Thai Silk Invitation Boxes that are perfect for luxurious unique wedding invitations or any other special occasion that deserves only the best invitations.

    Wedding Invitation boxes

  • Thai Silk Dupioni Folios


    Wedding Personalized

  • Silk Pocket Folios

    Wedding Colors

    Wedding Colors

Thai Silk Wedding Invitation Boxes

Thai Silk Box We offer a wide array of Invitation Box, Invitation Embellishments, Pocket Fold, Folding for Unique Wedding Invitations, and option to custom invitation to your own designs. Thai Silk Box The perfect Wedding invitations for your big day

Silk Dupioni

Hand-woven Thai silk is a timeless piece of unique craftsmanship


Allow Your Monograms to Speak for You and Present them with a unique invitation.

Wedding Colors

Sets the mood for the entire wedding and express your sentiments

Invitation Ideas

Stunning wedding invitations that will make your invites stand out

Some Of Our Designs

At Thai Silk Box, we believe in the magic of celebrations. Precisely why we go all out helping deliver the spirit of good cheer and merrymaking through your invitations.

Thai Silk Boxes The Luxurious Way of Invitations

Everyone has certain dreams about their wedding ceremony. So, people like to make something special in their weddings from sending the invite to return gifts of the wedding. Most of you may wish to send invitations but also want very special and unique. There are several providers available online. With the help of these providers you can create desired. They will make you very special and will add enhanced beauty and class to your imagination.

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