Invitation Box

Silk Invitation box that are perfect for luxurious wedding or any other special occasion that deserves only the best invitations.

The wedding invitations is the vanguard of your experience. It introduces your guests to the theme and formality of your wedding and it gives them a peek into the flavor of your relationship with your future partner. It is the first chance you will have to make an impression as a couple on many of your guests.  Innovative invitations are myriad, but if you want to make a real impression on your guests you may want to consider unique.


6x6x1 Invitation Box5.5x7.5x1 Gatefold Invitation Box5.5x7.5x0.5 Invitation Box

Our craftsmanship concentrates on presenting a finished invitation boxes that exudes high quality and unique and elegant designs that will definitely impress your guests. We only use top quality materials  that are also cost-efficient. Our product are providing on most selection dimension. If you do not find the exact color that suits your theme, please use our custom color option page on each item’s page and fill the color code number under the color option to order.

Browse through our selection product today to match your themes and make your special occasion that everyone will remember with Thai Silk Invitation Box