Thai Silk Box Unique, Luxury Wedding Invitations

At Thai Silk Box, we believe in the magic of celebrations. Precisely why we go all out helping deliver the spirit of good cheer and merrymaking through your invitations.

We design our invitations to your specifications and as a reflection of your personal taste. Your Thai Silk Box wedding invites for instance, will not only awe your guests instantly, they will also give your guests a glimpse of the loving relationship you share with your valentine.

We encapsulate the timeless elegance of silk to your invitations by handcrafting invitation boxes made of the highest quality silk. Our small handpicked group of Thailand's celebrity craftsmen create pocket folds, book folds and other intricate silk folds to create unique invitation boxes that are true to your taste. Together the invitation and box will help you set the tone and theme of your wedding. Silky satin, sensuous sheer, appealing lace and stunning pieces of jewels are kept aside for embellishment at your will.

Talk to us if you have specific designs and themes in mind. Alternatively, just tell us the colors, embellishments and folds you'd like and get busy in other parts of planning the party. We'll get back to you with a gem of an invite and invitation box. Thai Silk Boxes are great for all announcements – weddings, anniversaries, vow renewals, baby showers and birthdays. We are affordable and our delivery is fast and safe. 

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